Commitment to the Community

Jerry and his wife, Alice, were honored by the Centreville Historic Foundation in 2011 as Centreville “Citizens of the Year” for their work in organizing the Centreville Immigration Forum, an organization that built support for positive outreach to new residents as community’s population grew and changed dramatically. He was a leader in the conversations that led to the opening of the privately-funded Centreville Labor Resource Center in 2012.
Lee and Grant Handshake

A Gentleman’s Agreement

On Palm Sunday, April 9, 1865, Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, to U. S. Grant, commander of the U.S. Armies. We celebrate the 150th anniversary of that surrender and the end of the American Civil War — the War between the States. It was the greatest…


Bi-County Parkway Discussion Far From Over

In my 2013 campaign, I talked to residents on all sides of the controversial Bi-County Parkway issue.   The National Park Service would like to move cars and congestion out of their current track through the middle of the historic Bull Run Battlefield, US Route 29 and  VA Route 234.  Residents are concerned that the proposed path would…


Hello everyone and welcome to the Jerry Foltz for Delegate homepage.  Jerry is very proud to be able to represent the Democratic Party this year in the 40th District.  The out pouring of support has been amazing, and we will work to keep you up to date on any news related to the campaign.  Jerry…

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