3534190440_afb7eb02cc_zMichael Foltz, a renowned politician, is running to be a delegate in Virginia State this year. He has authored two books on crisis management and public policy. He graduated with high honors from Harvard Law School. He is currently practicing crisis management at a large local law firm. He writes regularly on newspaper columns. He has been the regional Golf Champion for the last two consecutive years. He lives in Virginia for the last 20 years with his lovely wife and two daughters.

Foltz held many senior positions in state and federal government. Two years after graduating from Harvard, he got interested in politics. He has campaigned for President Obama for his Presidential election. He is involved in a number of charity programs. He is the founder of ‘Bright future’ which is a nonprofit organization which hosts summer camps for children. The money collected from the charity is used to send homeless children to a proper school to get a formal education. If elected, Foltz promises to improve the education system so that no child is left without education.

Foltz is very honest, kind hearted and ambitious. He does whatever he believes in. Please place your vote for him in the coming election.