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Jerry Foltz, a candidate for the Delegates in Virginia House District 40, will work to improve education, transportation, and build a strong economy for all of Virginia’s families.

Public education in Northern Virginia deserves its fair share of state funding. Our state is 36th in the nation in state support for education and this must be changed. Jerry will work across the aisle to end divisive politics. Investing in schools brings long term economic growth.

A religious leader and community activist who frequently speaks out for groups and families in need of support, Jerry is an ordained minister for the United Church of Christ. In the past decade, as a regional minister, he testified in the Maryland General Assembly against gambling and capital punishment, and for marriage equality. His work as pastor, in small-town and suburban settings, has focused on supporting families and reaching out to individuals and groups in need.

He was appointed by Sully’s Supervisor, Michael Frey, to serve on the Human Services Council for Fairfax County. He also was elected to the board of the Alliance of Human Services and to the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions in our region.

In 2011, Foltz and his wife Alice were honored by the Centreville Historic Foundation as Centreville “Citizens of the Year” for their work in organizing the Centreville Immigration Forum, an organization that built support for positive outreach to new residents as community’s population grew and changed dramatically.  He was a leader in the conversations that led to the opening of the privately-funded Centreville Labor Resource Center in 2012.

Jerry has been active in other ways in the Centreville community where he has lived since 1996.  A member and chaplain of the Centreville Volunteer Fire Department, Station 17, since 1997, he also serves as facilities director for the station and canteen driver.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of Centreville Rotary Club, and a Rotarian in Virginia since 1988. As a Rotary member, he was a team leader for an international Rotary team visiting Poland in 2006.  He has also served on church-sponsored international delegations in Colombia and in Honduras.

A native of Hagerstown, Maryland, Jerry has served as pastor to congregations in Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia, concluding his pastoral work with organizing a new congregation in Centreville.  For seven years (2002-9), he served as Associate Conference Minister in the Central Atlantic region, where he had responsibility for serving 41 churches, their pastors and their families.

In New Jersey, Jerry was elected to the Willingboro Board of Education and he served one term as Board President. The School Board faced critical issues involving expansion, population change, and conflicting demands of teachers and the public. He was able to act as a mediator and voice of reason among these groups.

Jerry has been active among Fairfax Democrats for over ten years and currently serves as treasurer of the Sully Democratic Committee. “Democrats are best able to move our state and our country forward with policies that encourage all residents to contribute to their communities and to build strong lives for themselves and their children,” he said recently. He represents the Sully Committee as vice chair on the State and Local Affairs Committee of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee.

He is a graduate of Catawba College, a church-related liberal-arts college in North Carolina;  Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO (M.Div.); and Eastern Baptist Seminary in Philadelphia, PA (D.Min.).

Jerry Foltz has four children and nine grandchildren. He enjoys travel, reading, and gardening.  He is a member of Transition Community Centreville-Clifton, which promotes sustainable life in local communities.

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