How to Travel Virginia on a few Nickels

Travelling holds value for many reasons – It allows for new perspectives to develop; a change of climate; with fresh eyes it is easy to see beauty all around; entertainment and education with interacting with people from all backgrounds; learning about yourself in challenging situations; getting out of your comfort zone; and a great opportunity to practice minimal living.

Live simply and reevaluate your current expenses right now (ie. cable bill, smart phone bill, clothing, eating out/drinks, movie theatre trips, entertainment, car etc.)

Before leaving for a trip try and make some cash by selling anything that taking up more space than its worth in your closet. Try seasonal work (ie. tree planting, waitressing, boat work, fruit picking etc). Rent out your place while you are gone. Also, as to avoid getting ripped off, make sure to research tourist scams in your planned destination. Don’t forget your student card as sometime discounts are available for museums, transportation, food, hostels etc. Set up a study abroad trip or link up with a host family if you want an intimate cultural experience.

Be flexible with your flight dates and what you are willing to endure (i.e. long layovers). Check out regional airlines that may not be features on search engines. Avoid travelling during any high seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Spring break as well as weekend flights. Also avoid checked baggage fees by packing light and carrying on. Supposedly 2 months in advance is the prime time to get the lowest fair for a flight. Make sure to delete your cookies or search for flights in an incognito window as airline companies will track your history, raising prices on the flights you search and utilize discount/ coupon codes. Opt for a later flight if it has been overbooked in order to receive airline vouchers. Don’t forget about collecting points via credit card and flying miles.

Utilize the web my friend! Check out
WWOOF (each country has a different website)
Help X and Workaway
Housesit with Trusted housesitters, Housecarers, Mind my House,30 Bananas a Day (, Couchsurfing, and Hostelworld

If you are looking to make income and have internet skills Elance is one option. Of course being an online entrepreneur (with YouTube, blogging, coaching, affiliate products, your own e-products etc.) is an option as well. Use your backpacker skills for cash. English teaching jobs are available all around the globe and depending on your citizenship and destination there are other opportunities for foreigners to make money.

It might be available for you to stay with family/ friends that live abroad. If you are wanting to rent a place, try and supplement it with work trading for the landlord. Travel to festivals and link up with people from around the globe. Lastly, sleep in your car or BYOT, bring your own tent!

Always be talking to locals about how they do regional travel because they won’t be using expensive tourist transport. Travel on land vs. air when possible, utilize public transit, especially overnight trains and busses. Share rides and hitch hike if the area is accommodating.

It is so helpful to travel to destinations that have a low cost of living (ie. Southeast Asia, India, South America etc.). Go where you can grow/forage your own food, learn a little bit of the language, always be bargaining for a deal and find free ways of entertaining yourself. Free communication via public WiFi is a great way to save a cell phone bill, but if you do need a phone, make sure to get a local SIM card as to avoid roaming fees. Travel with a buddy and share the expenses of rent and transportation.

5 best short term accommodation in Virginia

Virginia is a popular place for tourists. Different types of accommodations are available to meet the needs of different people. Here are some choices of short term accommodation.


You will find hotels of different ranges here; starting from the most expensive ones to the budget ones. You can search the Internet to find a good hotel or even ask the local people for advice. Most of these hotels offer complementary breakfast to its guests. There are restaurants and bars in the hotels. When our town got a visit from the Houston Real Estate lawyer, this is one of the things they commented on. Just how many great hotel option our local area offered.

Studio apartment

This is a one bed, one bathroom space. You can rent it for short term stay. There is a kitchenette to prepare meals. The studio is fully furnished and is a viable option for the travelers.


There are many home owners who turn their garage space or basement into a nice room and rent it. These are actually very affordable options. So, you can stay comfortably in one of them.


Cottages are a luxurious way of living in style. These beautiful cottages are located in serene locations and will give you a peaceful experience.

Many of these are similar to those corporate housing Houston options we talked about on our other site.


This is a type of shared accommodation. You will share the room with other people. The bathroom will also have to be shared. You can save a lot of money by staying in a hostel.

Virginia offers a lot of short term accommodations for its visitors. You only need to look at the right places to find the best short term accommodation for stay.

3 restaurants you must visit in Virginia

Virginia is considered to be the food lovers’ heaven. The wineries are having difficulty in keeping up with the increased demand. Here are the top restaurants in Virginia that you must visit.

The Shack

The restaurant provides Southern and Appalachian inspired menu. The interesting trend of this restaurant is that they ask strangers to share table and at the end of the meal the strangers leave as friends! On Friday and Saturday, three course or four course tasting menus are offered. You will get dishes like smokey ribeye with fried hominy, turnips and ramps, etc.

The Patowmack Farm

Visit this restaurant and you will find that you have never tasted anything like this before. Chef Tarver King is an expert. Diners get to choose from three tasting menus: raised, grown and found. Each menu starts with snacks. The outdoor seating arrangement is just awesome!

The Roosevelt

This restaurant is famous for its unique dish Southern poutine with pimento cheese and sausage gravy created by Chef Lee Gregory. You must taste this dish if you come to Roosevelt. This is a 48 seat restaurant. The cocktails are great here. The menus served in this restaurant are very creative.


The chefs of these restaurants are very creative and talented. Every time they come up with a unique menu that leaves the diner craving for more. Some of the dishes might be expensive; but there are reasonably priced dishes as well. You can get food of every budget in these restaurants.


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