Defense Lawyers Defending Your Rights

Today we have a video from one of our supporting law firms, who some have labeled the best Dallas DWI Lawyer. From time to time we ask some of our supporters to submit legal articles that are important. And we know that it is always important for you to be familiar (intimately so) with your Constitutional rights.

Now look, obviously you should never drive while intoxicated, that is just a horrible idea. However, we realize that not everybody that interacts with law enforcement has committed a crime.

And you should realize that the best way to protect and support the police in your neighborhood is to become familiar with the laws that you pay them to enforce. This will keep everyone honest, possibly keep you safe, and help the police do their jobs better.

That’s why we asked this criminal defense attorney (author of Field Sobriety Tests in Texas) to weigh in on whether you have a constitutional right to refuse the breath test during a DWI traffic stop.

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