Once elected, Foltz will address a number of issues. Here are the most important ones.

s1Ensure Americans get the highest quality health care at the lowest cost

Foltz emphasizes the importance of good health. If you are not well, then you won’t be able to contribute to the society. If elected, the medical system will be made such that the medical insurance will cover everything; even the out of pocket expenses. The insurance can be transferable between family members also.

s2Improve the American education system for children

The children should be made ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. But it has become a challenge now to obtain good education due to the high cost of colleges. School choice programs will be supported. Innovation among students and teachers will be encouraged. There will be a reward system to reward good teachers. The student loan process will be made simpler and more transparent.

s3Strategy will be developed to overcome threat from Islamic terrorism

Every measure will be taken to ensure that no terrorist attacks take place. The security system will be strengthened, especially cyber security. If necessary, a war will be declared against the terrorists.

s4The transportation system will be improved

The public transportation network will be improved. More public transports will be introduced so that it is easier for a person to move from one place to another. Fast moving transports between states will be introduced.